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Something In a Jar

Ours Is a Peaceful Race

MrPapersHead's IconJournal
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This is my seperate Icon Journal. Not so much as that I fear people going to one and wanting the other, but because I am obsessive-compulsive and need order. With that said, welcome. I haven't been making Icons for very long, but it is fun, so I will probably continue until such a time as I get bored or someone tells me to stop...and even then I might not =P.

For all intents and purposes, avilina is the one who kind of got me started in this, but not in any real "You should do this" sort of way. Though she did get me hooked on pretty much all of Joss Whedon's work, so you can blame her for that. That is mainly what I stick to in my iconery right now. Buffy, Angel, and Firefly. I plan on doing some Tenth Kingdom in the near future, but not entirely sure when.

My house rules are pretty simple. Want. Take. Have. (Overused quote, but it fits) But I ask that you comment first, and the you credit. The people who spend time making these things at least deserve some sort of recognition for their work, just as any other kind of artist does. Also, no hotlinking. Hotlinking = bad, and therefore the none of yes of it's occurnce shall be with the having. You can assume that all of my icons are up for grabs unless otherwise specified, just remember to comment and credit =).

Communites I post my icons at sometimes:

IconContests That I Usually Be Found Entering:

I would list jossverseawards there, but that is a nomination thing, so technically I don't enter, others enter me on my behalf...or something like that. If you see something you think deserves a nom, go for it. Otherwise, nom someone who does ;).